Why Leasing ?
Leasing Fleet
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A major sector of our business is operational leasing which is clarified as long term Vehicles' leasing where a frame contract is prepared to control terms & conditions beside a special attachment per each vehicle to control rates & periods.

Why Leasing?

Always there are many deferent reasons to choose leasing your fleet rather than owning it,some of these reasons are:

1- Saving Investement

Using your fund sources in your business will give you more benefits than being invested in your fleet.

2- Budgeting

Your budget is easier to prepare & more controllable in case of leasing where you don't have sudden expenses.

3- Saving Tax & Zakat

Full of expenses are deductible in case of leasing, but depreciation only is deductible in case of owning the fleet.
Zakat will be affected seriously by value of the fleet if net assets formula is effective.

4- Avoid Headache

Maintaining a fleet needs a team. a workshop & spare parts store ... etc. all of these activities will cost time & money rather than the road assist and replacement.
In case of leasing you may need a coordinator and will forget the headache of the fleet.

Leasing Fleet

Our leasing fleet includes a wide range of vehicles,customer may request any type available in the market that we will quote him.
Customer also has the right to get our advice while he is choosing his fleet.
Our fleet contains but not limit to:

Sedan Small, Medium, Large & Luxury cars.
SUV Most of sizes, 4WD, 2WD, Manual & Automatic Transmission.
Pickups Double Cabin & Single Cabin, 4WD, 2WD, .. etc.
Cargo Van Small & Medium.
Buses (9-15 Seater), (24-30 Seater), School Bus, 60 Seater.
Light Trucks Up to 5 Tons

Leasing Rates

Al jazirah has improved a nice system to provide leasing rates within a very short time that satisfy our clients.
Each major customer has his own parameters which quarantee taht the customer will get same costing factors each quotation requisition except vehicle purchase value.
These parameters considered volume, payments, ratio of accidents & usage.

How to get a quotation ?

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