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We provide a comprehensive range of car rental, auto leasing and chauffeur drive services to meet our customers’ needs with ease and convenience. Whether your rental duration is long or short, you can rely on us. Our cars are characterized by diversity and quality, making your experience with us unique and reliable.

Auto Leasing

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We are here to meet your company’s mobility needs with ease and efficiency. Choose from a large and diverse fleet.

Car Rental

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Whatever your mobility needs, we strive to provide a unique rental experience tailored to your personal needs. Our individual service offers a wide range of modern cars.

Chauffeur Drive

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We offer our individual and corporate clients the advantage of having drivers available with the car. With this service, our clients can enjoy a comfortable and safe travel experience without the need to worry about driving.

Cars Sale

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We offer a transparent and credible used car sales service through auctions. Auctions are conducted through a dedicated application designed to ensure a reliable experience.